RT by @communist_au: #Fidel: La teoría de Marx nunca fue un esquema: fue una concepción, fue un método, fue una interpretación, fue una ciencia. Y la ciencia se aplica a cada caso concreto. Y no hay dos casos concretos exactamente iguales.

RT by @communist_au: La Revolución cubana sigue invicta, aseveró el compañero @BrunoRguezP en el Encuentro Internacional de Solidaridad con #Cuba "Unidos los que aman y fundan" que se desarrolla en La Habana.
En esta Isla ️ rebelde, #VamosConTodo por nuestras conquistas.

RT by @communist_au: Our #Cuba is not alone, it has several generations of friends who have defended it from near and far with tenacity and we will be externally grateful to them.
Thanks brothers!

RT by @communist_au: As part of the initiative "From Australia to Cuba w/ Love" that demands the end of US blockade, ACFS friends left from @EmbassyCubaAUS in bicycle caravan to Federal Parliament to meet with members of #Cuba-#Australia Parliamentary Group. #UnblockCuba #Aus2CubaWithLove

RT by @communist_au: From #Australia to #Cuba with love. A very big friendship's bridge for to stop the US blockade vs. Cuba. Thanks to the Australian friends. #EliminaElBloqueo

RT by @communist_au: #UnblockCuba campaign from #Australia to #Cuba with Love ❤️, have covered in only 20 days 6-thousands plus kms.‍♀️‍♂️
Cubans wants to thank all participants and supporters for the effort and the #Solidarity.
@AsiaPacificCuba @IvanErnestoBar1

RT by @communist_au: Thanks to our friends in Asia & Oceania for their solidarity with #Cuba. We received a lot of expressions of respect, affection and admiration from China, Vietnam, India, Japan, Cambodia, Australia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand & Timor Leste. #CubaVive @DiazCanelB
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