RT by @communist_au: As part of the initiative "From Australia to Cuba w/ Love" that demands the end of US blockade, ACFS friends left from @EmbassyCubaAUS in bicycle caravan to Federal Parliament to meet with members of #Cuba-#Australia Parliamentary Group. #UnblockCuba #Aus2CubaWithLove

RT by @communist_au: From #Australia to #Cuba with love. A very big friendship's bridge for to stop the US blockade vs. Cuba. Thanks to the Australian friends. #EliminaElBloqueo

RT by @communist_au: #UnblockCuba campaign from #Australia to #Cuba with Love ❤️, have covered in only 20 days 6-thousands plus kms.‍♀️‍♂️
Cubans wants to thank all participants and supporters for the effort and the #Solidarity.
@AsiaPacificCuba @IvanErnestoBar1
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