Julian #Assange, Alina #Lipp, and Anne-Laure #Bonnel – when truth becomes a crime in the West

Julian Assange, Alina Lipp and Anne-laure Bonnel are three journalists who are paying a high price for telling the truth in the West: attempts to suffocate them financially, followed by #censorship, threats of imprisonment or imprisonment altogether, and even physical and psychological torture in the case of Assange. These three cases illustrate perfectly the reality of “ #democracy ” in the #West.
read on: Source: https://www.donbass-insider.com/2022/06/21/julian-assange-alina-lipp-and-anne-laure-bonnel-when-truth-becomes-a-crime-in-the-west/

#media #repression #Russia #donbass #donbas #hypocrisy
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Iron Bug
а что ты предлагаешь делать? катастрофа тут - вообще перманентное состояяние. но окончательно нас топят совсем даже не путлер и его подельники. им активно помогают ЕС и США.
получили то, что просили

Clara Listensprechen
Right on, Richard.
Clara Listensprechen
Spoken like a true Soviet as if Bolsheviks had anything to do with any of those stolen scientific developments. Russia remains violent and so is Cuba and most of the rest of Latino America that believes in forever revolutions. Violence is the proverbial tiger that, once you ride it, will consume you should you ever attempt to dismount, and it will consume everything around it until you do. #EpicFAIL


Nora Qudus
V. T. Eric Layton
I've seen a lot of women this past few days with just that look on their faces. :(
Jay Bryant
I would love to see a series of national strikes - not only from women, but I won't complain if women strike for a while.
V. T. Eric Layton
I like the thought behind the meme, but the fact is that Iceland in '75 had a population of only 218,079. There are nearly twice that many folks living in just my city... 407,104. To get 90% of the diverse population of U.S. women to stand together and make something like this happen would be truly astounding.
Protestation (English)
Neue Rheinische Zeitung No. 66 August 1848 http://marxism.halkcephesi.net/M&E/1848/08/05a.htm
"Hundreds of cash-strapped contestants accept an invitation to compete in children's games for a tempting prize, but the stakes are deadly."

Haven't watched it as the concept seems too surreal and close to reality

Bob Lai
Don't plan on watching it. It's bad enough our airwaves are laden with 'fuck each other up for cash prizes' shows.
I've played that game my whole life. Why the hell would I want to waste my non-working time watching a show about it?


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Clara Listensprechen
...plus a special kind of st00pid. As in idjits.

Protestation (English)
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After 'victory for white life' comment, GOP campaign says rep. misread

Rep. Mary Miller, R-Ill., said at an Illinois Trump rally Saturday that the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was a "historic victory for white life."


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