Concerning the Workers' Deputies Declaration

World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU)

US bombings in Syria and Iraq violate US Constitution

NATO expands its membership unwittingly (Ben Wallace)

(29) Women and the Cuban Revolution — Fidel Castro and Vilma Espín

(28) The Future Belongs To The People — Karl Liebknecht

(27) Wage-Labour and Capital & Value, Price, and Profit — Karl Marx

(26) Critique of the Gotha Programme — Karl Marx

(41) The Cultural Cold War — Frances Stonor Saunders

Lenin: 1905/3rdcong: Draft Resolution of the Armed Uprising

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(40) Selected Writings of James Connolly — James Connolly

(39) Fascism and Social Revolution — R. Palme Dutt

(38) Friedrich Engels: A Biography — Institute of Marxism-Leninism

[43] Political Economy: A Beginner's Course — L. A. Leontyev

Lenin: 1905/3rdcong: Speech on the Report on the Work of the Central Committee

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